Photographing snags

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Some years ago we were on a guided hike in Big Bend National Park (an awesome place, if you heaven’t been!). I asked the ranger why she carried her camera and she said she liked to collect pictures of the old snags that she came across. Thinking back to that short conversation gave me the

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The Blue of Distance

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This post is about a common feature in color photography and paintings, where distant objects appear to have a deeper blue tint than near objects.  My first formal exposure to the Blue of Distance came in the form of an essay by Rebecca Solnit in a photography class at ICP  (it is apparently not unusual

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Photographing the moon

Blood moon over Manhattan.
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I am not an astrophotographer, but I do enjoy photographing the moon.  Key considerations for photography include location, gear, composition and exposure. Locations When hiking, I am on the lookout for locations that could be a good place to view the rising moon.  The moon appears largest when it first rises above the horizon (an

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