Photographing texture in winter

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We were hiking near Golden recently and bushes along the trail gave me the idea for this blog post: photographing texture in winter.  The rabbitbrush along the trail had finished blooming in the fall, but still retained an interesting shape and a bit of color. ISO 200, f11, 1/200 sec at 20mm. I gave myself

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Photographing the moon

Blood moon over Manhattan.
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I am not an astrophotographer, but I do enjoy photographing the moon.  Key considerations for photography include location, gear, composition and exposure. Locations When hiking, I am on the lookout for locations that could be a good place to view the rising moon.  The moon appears largest when it first rises above the horizon (an

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NCAR: Photographing grand architecture

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We are renovating an old ranch house in South Boulder near the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). I did not pay much attention to the laboratory “up on the hill” above our property.  However, one day our architect said that he would like to echo some of the features of the structure. That piqued

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