Colorado day hikes

One of the main reasons for relocating to Boulder was the close access to so many hiking trails.  In the first six months, I have already been on more than two dozen worthwhile day hikes.  By this I mean a hike of at least 4-5 miles or more than two hours.  In this section of my blog, the focus is on Colorado day hikes. For each day hike I will list the posted distance and elevation change along with what I measured myself.  My GPS information is based on an iPhone 6 (until April 2017) or 7 (thereafter) and is being captured in the trails app.

Quite often the distance that I measure is longer than the officially posted distance.  This seems to be due to several factors: 1) consumer GPS devices are not very accurate, 2) in mountainous terrain you may not always have line of sight to four GPS satellites and 3) I sometimes take small detours for photo opportunities!

I also have noticed inaccuracy with elevation measurements from the GPS.  I think that for most trails the official elevation being reported is derived from topographic maps, e.g., difference in elevation from the low to the high point. However, the GPS is measuring the cumulative undulations in the terrain.  Given differences in route path and GPS accuracy, I always see differences in the ascent and descent figures from my GPS.  For purposes of this blog,  I am taking the average of the two figures as the measured value. This page is a collection of links to my posts on specific hikes.  I already accumulated a sizable database of photographs, GPS tracks and notes that I will be publishing on this site in coming months. The widget below can be used to see the trailheads for each of my hiking posts.

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Day hikes near Boulder:

Day hikes within 1-2 hours of Boulder:

  • Moraine Park Loop Trail, Rocky Mountain National Park, Larimer County


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